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Ordering is simple and convenient.  Using this website, you can submit your order request (this is not a final order).  Within 24 hours (usually much less), we'll review your order and you will receive an email from us with a formal quote.  You can then review, modify, or cancel - or you can confirm if all looks good.

Please remember that prices are subject to change based on special dietary requirements, comments, or modifications required to fulfill your order.  This will all be updated in the quote we send you.

Orders should be placed 48 hours prior to your desired delivery time.  However, we do our best to fulfill last minute orders, so don't hesitate to reach out.  For larger order, or orders during busy periods, we strongly suggest you get your order in early to block the time and date.  You can always change it later.

Orders are NOT final until you receive and approve the quote from Veda.

Delivery Terms

Regular weekday delivery hours are from 8am - 5pm.  Charges may apply to orders outside those hours.  Our order delivery minimum is $200.  We try to accommodate smaller orders when possible, and if so, delivery charges may apply to orders under $200 before tax.  

Early morning, evening, and weekend delivery charges will apply to all orders.  Delivery fees are based on several factors, and will be listed on your formal quote before you confirm your order.

Our delivery team will deliver on any flat ground or with elevators.  For the Health & Safety of our team we will not accept any orders requiring lifting food/beverages up or down any stairs.  If we arrive to the site and stairs are required, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the order.

Payment Terms

Invoicing is available for all University of Toronto orders.  Invoices are due upon completion of the event/catering with payment internally through FIS.


Visa/Mastercard/AMEX are accepted for all orders, subject to a 3-4% service fee.

Rental Items

For any item that we are required to collect following your order, whether rental or 'free-to-use' items such as dishes, linens, coffee/tea urns, etc, we will collect items the same day of the event.  The maximum time for use of the items is 3 hours from the event start time.  Our final pickup time is 5:00pm on Monday - Thursday, and 4:30pm on Friday.  For events ending after those times, you must pre-arrange with us, and if possible, we will return the following business day before 12:00pm, and a minimum service charge of $25 will apply ($75 if the event falls over a weekend).  Please ensure all items are in the same place as setup or if moved, please notify us of the new location. Any items missing or damaged are subject to a 100% replacement cost by the client, which will be invoiced.  Due to the high cost of replacement of such equipment, we regrettably cannot offer any exceptions.

Changes & Cancellations

Orders must be placed 48 business hours prior to the delivery time.  Short-notice orders within 48 hours will be considered and we will do our best to accommodate these orders.  Certain items may require more notice, and we will let you know when we send you your quote.

Changes/Cancellation: Once an order is placed, orders can be changed or cancelled up to 48 business hours before the order time (weekends not included in the hours).  If an order is changed or cancelled outside of the 48 hour window, there is no fee or penalty.  Orders changed or cancelled within 48 business hours of the order time are subject to a 100% payment. 

Halal & Allergens

Inclusivity is very important to us.  Whether for dietary, health, or religious reasons, Veda takes all your dietary needs and restrictions seriously.  We believe in transparency with the food we serve, and how we prepare it, allowing you to decide what is best for your individual needs.

Veda is NOT a 100% Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Kosher, or Vegan facility.

Although significant efforts are made to avoid cross-contamination of allergens in our kitchens,  Veda does not guarantee that cross-contamination with allergens will not occur.  Veda, and its employees, do not assume responsibility for any sensitivity or allergy caused by a food product provided in our restaurants.

HALAL.  Unless specifically labelled otherwise, all chicken and beef used at Veda is Halal. We do have some items that are not Halal, such as items with Bacon, but it will always be clearly noted.

VEGAN, GLUTEN & NUTS.  Items labelled as Vegan/Gluten-Friendly/Nut-Free that are prepared in Veda's kitchens do not include any of these ingredients.  We do, however, use these items in our kitchens, so even with our best efforts, there is some risk of cross-contamination.

Errors and Omissions

Although we strive for accuracy in both copy and illustration, some items may not be shipped exactly as pictured or described on our website or in our menu. We reserve the right to correct any errors. Prices, menu items and availability are subject to change without notice. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Veda offers many of its products for sale through various grocery and retail outlets.  For wholesale inquiries, or bulk ordering, please email us.

Payment Methods
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